Kunst & Kultur im DEINHARD's

Art & Culture No art without wine

The god of wine, Bacchus, as a representative, as an incarnation, is responsible for imagination, creativity and creative intoxication. He is celebrated in a unique way in the lobby.

The staircase houses art from 40 years of art scholarships between the Bonner Kunstverein and Peter Mertes KG. Promoting the avant-garde, young, mostly Rhenish artists, early works, partly dealing with the subject of wine.


The hotel lobby A very special exhibition

The architects were already informed during the planning stage that the hotel's reception hall would be designed as a large space to delight guests at DEINHARD's on arrival, with a small, cosy coffee, wine and champagne bar, an information counter with brochures about the region, a collection of historical utensils from the 200-year history of the Deinhard sparkling wine cellar and, of course, comfortable seating areas.