Wayside chapel with art objects at Hotel DEINHARD's in Bernkastel-Kues

VINUM ARTEM Wine is art

...Cato once said and Picasso wrote to a winery friend ‘Without wine there is no art!’

At DEINHARD's, the symbiosis of wine and art is present everywhere. Be it in the lobby with a brilliant permanent exhibition on the theme of ‘Bacchus’ by the famous contemporary artist Markus Lüpertz, be it the art staircase with works by Rhenish academy scholar­ship holders from 40 years ago, be it in the wayside chapel, the FLORA restaurant or the DIAN restaurant.

German Romantic art in the corridors and passage­ways throughout the site, historical and modern Moselle landscapes.

The historical art is paired with advertising design and advertising graphics from the heyday of the Deinhard sparkling wine brand, which is known far beyond the borders of Germany.

Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci, a professor of artistic design, artist, art historian and cultural prac­titioner who is well known beyond the city's borders, has taken an in-depth look at this topic and has prepared highly interesting, customised and perfectly prepared art tours every second Sunday of the month.

An experience of a special kind.

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