Hotel Bernkastel-Kues

Residing Stay at DEINHARD's Bernkastel

Originally, it was about a place and spaces in which education could be imparted. Education about the phenomenon of wine, its role in human history, millennia of art, myths and religions, knowledge of nature.

Bernkastel as the "town of vines and wine" (OIV) attracts people and is the ideal place to develop such an educational centre.

A real hotel was not planned, rather a few guest rooms for seminar participants, a place to receive friends and people interested in wine.

The development was different, the urban planning constraints resulted in the expansion steps we know today.

Over the course of several years and construction phases, DEINHARD's was painstakingly transformed into an impressive boutique hotel that is all about wine. The furnishing concept for the rooms was developed by Tenbrink and includes storytelling, floor planning and interior design. Numerous furnishing details refer to the "divine drink".

Wine plays a role in the entire area, and many places for encounters with it are to be created.

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